Neo - AASI-A-137

Male Dog aged Adult.

Say hello to Neo!

This big bouncy goober is sweet and strong. Doesn't know his own strength strong. And the only thing bigger than his head is his heart - which is full of love for people! This boy loves scritches and pets.
But don't let his size fool you -- Neo is AMAZING with other dogs, big and small. He's polite and extremely receptive to other dogs' cues. If they wanna play, Neo plays! If they want space, Neo happily obliges. Full of love and joy, Neo is just happy being near other dogs and people.

UPDATE: Neo spent the night at a volunteer's house -- and he was the PERFECT guest!!! Housebroken! Terrific with the other dog in the home! Very gentle with the cat! Excellent manners, too -- no chewing (other than his toys).

Looking for a big cuddly lug? Come meet Neo! Any day between 9am-12pm - no appointment necessary.

UPDATE: We have learned that this young pup has hip dysplasia. Right now, he's doing great, but over time, he may need occasional meds for pain management, or possibly surgery. Animal Aid will cover all expenses related to pain meds, surgery and recovery! You just provide the love! The right family for this boy will be one willing to nurse him through the surgery and know that he will have to take it slow at times.

Animal Aid Society
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